Its raining nostalgia…

I hear the rain pouring outside here in Bangalore and I’m suddenly and completely transported to my childhood days in Delhi. In the monsoon season those were carefree days when as kids we would wear those funky raincoats over our uniforms and heavy school bags and trudge our way home through heavy rain, waterlogged streets and splash every small-big puddle on the way.

I remember making lots of paper boats along with neighbourhood kids which we would then float in puddles on our street. Reminds me of the song “vo kagaz ki kashti vo baarish ka paani”…

Cut to college days, when my friends and I would run to the canteen at the slightest excuse of rain. And then firmly implant ourselves there much to Sharmaji’s horror and drive the poor man crazy with our continuous demands for chai and bread pakoras on the double!

The joy of pakoras and chai or coffee in the incessant rain of delhi monsoons will probably be one of my favourite memories while growing up. And of the smell of the earth freshly moistened and of drops of water dripping from leaves long after the rain has stopped. And of having to return back home because the school bus couldn’t make it and getting an unexpected holiday. And of suddenly seeing little squiggly earthworms everywhere in the garden.

So while I’m thinking of finishing this post quickly and then making the chai and the pakoras and then sitting in the balcony to watch the rain… ┬áin typical Bangalore fashion, its stopped raining already!



Funny/ memorable ads but no brand recall

I don’t get it. I keep seeing a whole lot of television ads that seem funny, have a good story to tell, appeal to us in various ways. But, ask the golden question “which brand was it”, and I won’t be able to answer it to save my life. Was it last night that I saw this ad which makes me laugh each time I see it (at its silly enough humor), and I’ve seen it enough times. Its a toothpaste ad in which a newly wed bakes a heart shaped cake and then drops it. The cake is so hard/tough, it makes a dent on a steel surface. In walks the husband and before she can stop him, he has taken a big bite. And instead of losing his teeth he beams at her with happiness. So, enters tag line and brand name. But oops, I did it again! I forgot which toothpaste brand that was.
So am I the wrong target audience for this one or is it non-effective advertising?