Budding artists in the making…

I have been a bit guilty of ignoring this blog for some time now. Today I am just so fired up and excited and inspired to write.Reason? My 2.8 yr twin girls have jumped, no taken a GIGANTIC LEAP from being scribblers (albeit creative ones) to actually really drawing….things!

See the following pictures by Aditi and Sanjana and believe me they drew these without assistance and instructions…


sanju_smileyface - acc to the kid, the smiley faces are falling into boiling water (as in Hansel-Gretel, 3 little pigs and other stories...)

So I’m quite overcome by the sudden accomplishment.  I have noticed that milestones for kids are never too gently, they come in leaps and bounds. But this is way too much to handle. Overnight my babies are (both of them) suddenly drawing shapes, faces, clouds, eyes (a circle with a dot inside for the pupils!!!), eyebrows, hair, EARS!

I was wondering the other day if I should teach them how to draw and spend more time on this with them… but they have beaten me to it.

I am just one excited and happy mum 🙂