The twins first artwork

This is my first attempt at writing to express myself in a long long time. Ask me to sketch it out and I won’t even blink. But this is tougher than I thought! So lets take it a step at a time. I intend for this blog to be a place where I can express my views on design, food and more stuff that I like. Hopefully you will read on and maybe also share your thoughts and experiences with me.

Since my current world revolves around my 2 yr old twin girls why not start there :-).  A few days back I suddenly realized that the girls are very quiet. This generally spells disaster so I ran to see if the two devils had sneaked into the loo again to get their stuffed winnie-the-pooh to pee on the toilet seat… to my complete surprise they had taken a shoe box and were busy creating their very own (uninitiated, un-instructed) artwork with play-doh! And it was beautiful. Which made me think.


Adu-Sanju's first independent artwork

We all know that babies are like sponges what with them learning multiple languages with ease and all. But is creativity, the need to create beautiful things, in-wired, genetic? Or does the environment/nurture play a bigger role?